Helping community

SOME weeks ago the Observer printed an article referring to the refurbishments and new build that have taken place at Chichester Boys’ Club in Little London.

At the beginning of this month the Mike Ayling Wing, providing facilities for arts, crafts and music, was officially opened by his widow, Mrs Val Ayling.

The funding for the completion was generously provided by local charities.

The management committee meeting that followed this event took the view a new strapline should be added to the Boys’ Club literature.

This would reflect a growing trend of allowing the premises to be let in the daytime to various groups.

This has an important spin-off of providing an income stream to replace funds removed in the recent county cuts.

From now on the Chichester Boys’ Club will ‘serve the community and the young people of Chichester’.

Of course, those parts of the building the youth club requires in the evenings will take precedence, but outside these and during the daytime it will be made available to the community at large.

Richard Hancock

Chair of management committee, Chichester Boys’ Club