Highways Agency should stand against developers causing chaos

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Why do the Highways Agency and local council roll over like pussycats whenever a commercial house builder wants to inconvenience motorists with road closures necessary for their commercial housing developments?

The partial closure of the A27 around Chichester is going to cause absolute chaos for four months, assuming the work is completed on time, and this is to be followed by another closure for another housing development at some unspecified time in the future.

Who pays for this disaster? Not the builders themselves, who refuse to offer any compensation, even if that was feasible. The least they could do is to work 24/7 to complete the job in the least possible time – but we are all familiar with large roadworks unmanned nights and weekends.

This is not good enough. Before permission is given for these hugely inconveniencing roadworks for the benefit of private contractors, they must be contracted, with sanctions, for full-time working to complete roadworks in the minimum time.

Ian Harris

Hotham Park House

Bognor Regis