History suggests land donation idea could have merit

There have been a variety of views and ideas expressed in your letters section recently arguing the pros and cons of building more housing in the area. The final paragraph in the letter from Les Cohen (Observer, April 4) caught the eye. He suggested the Goodwood estate could donate some land.

On the face of it most people might think ‘non-starter’. However, when the history of the Goodwood ancestry/hierarchy is examined, perhaps this idea should be discussed more widely. It would appear the Goodwood family did not gain the vast area of land they own by hard graft. It was one of those lucky accidents of birth in the Middle Ages.

Although not directly relevant, it is worth mentioning that land ownership in the UK is very unbalanced: only 0.3 per cent of the population own 70 per cent of the land. Those medieval monarchs were a busy bunch.

In another respect it could be argued the Goodwood family owe the people of Chichester a debt. If the A27 had been built where it should have been many years ago, north of the city, everyone would be better off. Perhaps the suggestion Goodwood should donate was tongue-in-cheek. Be interesting to see if your readers would agree.

Tom Paine