Homeless do not have a vote

I would like add my sympathy to those people who have already written about the recent tragic deaths of homeless people on the A27.

One point which has not been mentioned is that under the present planning system, local councillors should (and usually do) reflect the views of the constituents who voted for them, and who, being on the electoral roll, have a home address in the local area.

In contrast, homeless people do not usually have an address in the area (in many cases, they have no address, that is why they are homeless), and therefore are not able to vote for policies that may help to relieve their homelessness.

May I also refer to the letter you published from D Gaylard (Observer, January 26).

He wrote ‘Like most cathedral cities along the south coast, many...’ To satisfy my curiosity, which are the ‘many’ cathedral cities along the south coast that he refers to? Portsmouth and Plymouth are certainly two, but which others are there?

Canterbury, Winchester, Exeter and Truro are not on (or even near) the coast; Brighton and Southampton do not have cathedrals; even Chichester barely ‘qualifies’, being over seven kilometres from the coastline.

Ben Earnshaw-Mansell

Guilden Road, Chichester