Homes conundrum

THE latest Local Development Framework (LDF) proposals, which include Tangmere in all five possible options, is an absolute nonsense paper born out of a landowner/developer paper which was produced some six years ago.

It appears more collusion between the developer/landowner and the planning department has made it an easy option to push the latest proposals forward, go on summer holidays and start public consultations from August 26.

The core strategy heralds equal weight of views for developers, landowners, councils, parish councils and members of the public (ha ha).

The current proposals fail the criteria for a sustainable hub in so far as Tangmere could not provide waste services for any more houses.

It has no employment, no schools, no retail facilities, no railway connections and no leisure facilities.

The much-vaunted strategic gap between Tangmere and Chichester would be eroded.

Furthermore, would any planner like to state where the demand for up to 1,500 homes would come from, knowing none of the facilities mentioned earlier exist?

Finally, as planners have to make provision for 1.6 cars per household, can anyone seriously expect the extra road traffic resulting from 1,500 new homes in Tangmere, to travel seamlessly into Chichester for shopping, schools, employment and leisure facilities?

David Blythe,

Wyvern Close, Tangmere