Homes for students

I WOULD like to congratulate the recent progressive decision made by city councillors to grant more student dwellings on the Stockbridge Road site, in the face of the usual generational prejudice from local residents and conservationists.

These same opponents also want to restrict the allocation of rental properties to the young across the city – so they cannot have it both ways.

Perhaps they would support the reconstruction of our city walls and restrict access to those aged over 30!

It therefore makes sense to have a purpose-built accommodation next door to the recession-hit Chichester Gate complex.

As mentioned in previous letters to the Observer, this goes some small way to demographically balance the disproportionate allocation of retirement developments continually granted across the city.

The Southern Gateway Residents’ Association appears to want to preserve the heritage of what became a derelict Edwardian school building.

They conveniently ignore the fact of the continual A27 noise (only yards away), not to mention the high-intensity Linden Homes canal development.

The impending traffic congestion Linden Homes’ development will bring, once fully occupied, to an already-established ‘bottle-necked’ traffic system is surely a more pressing matter which requires the association’s attention.

Any housing development which favours our young seldom gets the political will, support or agreement locally – so such a brave decision requires our support and celebration.

Most residents know Chichester College and University continue to provide invaluable sources of local revenue, employment and cultural diversity to our fragile economy – who do you think serves you in local restaurants or provides agency care for the old or sick in their homes?

Without such institutions Chichester will be in danger of becoming a dull dormitory or retirement city which will exclude the next generation who already cannot afford a local property in which to settle.

DJ Gaylard