Honour park legacy

YOUR PERCEPTIVE report by Clare Hawkin on Priory Park put the case well for early establishment of a particular financial basis for the necessary upgrading, as was endorsed at a public meeting so many months ago.

Once the funding approach is settled, the details of what is to be carried out can soon follow. A widely held view is that simplicity with preservation of the park’s natural appearance is crucial. If that is accepted, are the costly master plans of visiting advisors really needed?

The park was originally presented to the citizens of Chichester by the Duke of Richmond so it is right that a plan should be developed within the city by those who best appreciate the very sensitive balance between public needs, natural presentation and care of the wealth of historical features there.

Professional guidance would be needed to oversee structural developments but the overall preservation of its unique and precious green space should be the city’s own responsibility.

David Hide

Priory Road,