Honoured to be here

I am writing to apologise for my countrymen and myself being responsible for the loss of 65 jobs at Almodington.

I agree it would be very nasty to have 65 men and women from Eastern Europe marching up and down the lanes of Almodington.

I would like to thank those who wrote in support of us and feel very honoured to be in Britain as it is a wonderful place to live work and make new friends.

My family and I have been here for 11 years and have never had a single penny from the state – nor would we want it, as we came here to work.

I have been with the same employer all that time and my wife still works full-time as a nurse at night so we can look after our young family.

It was with a feeling of fear to read stupid and hurtful remarks had been made in the Blacksmiths Arms at Donnington.

This is the first time I’ve ever been a subject of racism and it hurt, but bigots are best ignored.

So thank you to the people of the Chichester area for making our lives here a happy one and allowing us to live and work in this glorious area.

Marek Pavan and family