Horrified by diatribe

I was horrified to read the vitriolic diatribe against the selection of Dr Warner as the new bishop of the diocese of Chichester as well as the personal attack upon him.

The writer’s bigoted attack was unforgivable and completely without foundation. His assumption that he speaks for ‘Chichester Anglicans’ shows his level of


The repetitive use of the term ‘traditionalist’ as a form of insult is also a gross misuse of the word. The whole foundation of the Church of England is based on long and honourable tradition.

Change may come, be it welcome or not, but such personal abuse will not further any cause, rather it will polarise support against it.

I welcome Dr Warner to his new post and pray he will not be further abused by such anti-Christian contumely in the future.

Christopher Oakley

Redlands Lane,