How can the parishes stem development?

MANY thanks to Josef Ransley (district councillor for Wisborough Green and Kirdford) for his comprehensive letter (August 30) in response to the open letter to CDC councillors from Tangmere Parish Council.

I am not aware of any draft proposals for housing development in Wisborough Green, but here in Tangmere we are not so fortunate as Cllr Ransley seems to be. Indeed the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) shows that Wisborough Green has a capability for up to 38 new houses in the plan period.

Clearly Cllr Ransley does not have to face a doubling in size of his local community, without any confirmed additional facilities, simply because

it is convenient for district councillors to vote for a policy that shifts the housing requirements away from Chichester city.

Cllr Ransley speaks of the Tangmere letter ‘referring to planning in terms of residents’ objections, councillors’ duty to protect, and controlling development’. Sorry, but which bit of these three comments does he think is not the responsibility of our political representatives?

If Cllr Ransley is so comfortable with the new planning schemes that allow Neighbourhood Plans to contribute towards determining policy, why does he not accept Tangmere’s right to say we have seen sufficient new housing in the last 20 years to be able to deal with for a generation.

Perhaps if his local community or CDC were to suggest an additional 1,500 houses in Wisborough Green then he may take a different position.

Cllr Ransley talks about the Neighbourhood Planning concept as if the local community can determine development in their locality, and that they can be involved in managing sustainable development.

Tangmere has already consulted

with its residents, and received a

66 per cent response to a comprehensive questionnaire regarding how the community wishes to see the village develop over the coming years. The results included an acceptance of a 30 per cent growth in the size of the village.

So far as I can see, Chichester District Council has ignored those views, and appears determined to pass their housing requirements onto our village.

Cllr Ransley, if you were faced with such a challenge how would your constituents expect you to reply?

Andrew Irwin


Tangmere Parish Council