I have the opposite view on Brexit deal to our MP Gillian Keegan


As a democrat I am sure Mrs Keegan will not object to me disagreeing with the thrust of her recent article (November 22nd) in the Observer (“I will support May’s Brexit deal”).

In a letter to myself (and no doubt others) in August 2018, Mrs Keegan stated that a principal reason for her not supporting a second ‘people’s’ vote on Brexit was that it would harm the on-going negotiations with the EU (Indeed, these negotiations have worked out so well that Parliament will probably reject them).

Now she speculates that any second vote would be inconclusive and would be divisive. I would speculate quite the opposite.

I had previously asked Mrs Keegan exactly what aspects of the June 2016 referendum were deserving of her oft repeated ‘respect’. Was it the depth and veracity of information provided to the voting public at that time? Was it that 37 per cent of the electorate voted to leave the EU? Or perhaps the margin (1.9 per cent) between leavers and remainers?

Were people reminded that the UK sent 73 members to the European Parliament (pro rata to our population)?

Or that the UK’s net annual contribution to the EU constituted less than 1.25 per cent of our annual domestic budget?

Or that two thirds of recent migration to the UK came from outside the EU?

Needless to say the above points were never replied to.

All in all, from the standpoint of individuals or businesses, I view Brexit as a disaster, and an insult to our friends and colleagues from the EU.

It is this disaster that will never be forgiven or forgotten (So much for divisiveness).

I believe that Mrs Keegan views these matters through the prism of her own substantial political ambitions. However, she should not forget that Chichester only voted to leave the EU by the smallest of margins. A second vote please!

John Carney, Roussillon Park, Chichester