I’m half a winner

The necessity to write this letter causes me no mean amount of embarrassment.

It concerns an article in the Lifestyle section of the Observer of August 9 about myself being awarded Sussex Heritage Person of the Year.

Whereas this is not strictly untrue, neither is the statement strictly true.

Perhaps it should read ‘Person of Half the Year’ or, more appropriately in my case, ‘Half Person of the Year’.

This is because of the fact this year the award was shared between two individuals – by myself for, as I understand it, my involvement in the ‘built’ heritage and Ms Ruth Brown for her involvement in the ‘natural’ heritage.

I have made no bones about it being a shared award but it was a serious error of judgement on my part not to have acknowledged her and her contribution to Sussex Heritage in the article.

Hence, I would like to apologise publicly and unreservedly for any upset or distress I may have caused Ms Ruth Brown.

I hope this letter allays some of the criticism I deserve.

No blame for this regrettable ‘kettle of fish’ can be laid at the door of the Observer or to my interviewer Carole Richmond.

Roger Champion

‘Half Person of the Year’

Grove Road, Singleton, Chichester