I thought councils are working for us

LAST WEEK’S letter from Peter Catchpole has infuriated me into writing this letter – and I am sure many of your readers will also be very incensed.

In his first paragraph he states ‘I have taken the very difficult decision’.

Since when did a servant of the people of this district have the right to make this decision against our wishes?

I, obviously, am very misguided in thinking that the county council is working for us.

In his second paragraph he comments there are no hit lists, it is not that simple.

If this is the case then make it simple so that ordinary people especially the vulnerable in our society can under stand it.

He says there is no ‘tick-box formula’ to meet the criteria, so what method is used.

A person with a certain disability either needs help or they do not, so a ‘tick-box assessment’ would be ideal for most ordinary people.

Later on in the letter he says nobody will be left to fend for themselves, anybody who no longer meets the criteria (what ever that is) will be supported to make alternative arrangements.

Presumably this means at individual costs that they will not be able to afford, for example a specialist taxi to their nearest alternative centre which could be as much £55 or £60 for a round trip.

Mr Catchpole continues in the next few paragraphs waffling on about millions he is putting into other projects such as ‘New Health and Well-being Hubs’ and other health projects that I do not remember any of the ordinary people in the area asking for or showing any interest in.

He also tells us about other councils up and down the country having to make choices in the same way that our national government tell us about other countries.

Well, to be honest I do not care a jot about other counties or countries – I do care about the disadvantaged in our region.

It is about time our council cared too.

As a postscript to this I would like to add that I do not think it is right that a man whom I assume from his own website description has many fingers in many pies – including some which could possibly influence his decision – should be involved at all in these projects.

Les Wooller,