I welcome installation

Actually whether we love it or loathe it is irrelevant.

What is important is that the the sculpture Lo and Behold is there.

I welcome the installation in West Street Chichester and I hope it is the forerunner of a continuing programme of public art.

Public art is a public good.

It can lift the spirit, provide amusement (or sometimes rage), provoke thought and indeed get people talking to one another.

The ‘Fourth Plinth’ project in London’s Trafalgar Square, occupied by a range of controversial sculptures over the past years, has been an outstanding success.

It would be good if Chichester, with all its artistic and historical associations, could do something to emulate such success.

I would like to see more public art, the wide spaces of both East and North Street cry out for it.

The tired argument, sure to be trotted out, that the money would be better spent on something else, doesn’t wash.

Funding and budgeting doesn’t work like that.

The same goes for modern architecture.

Each time I walk past Novium, I appreciate it more, a restrained building which respects the scale and ambience of Tower Street.

Your correspondents ought to have a look at the NatWest bank in East Street and consider how obtrusive among the Georgian shops that must have been in the 19th century.

Let’s celebrate what is good and imaginative both in public art and architecture.

Lo and Behold is a good start to something which could place Chichester even more firmly on the map.

Let’s have more of it!

Richard Ashby,

Jubilee Mews, Prinsted