I would recommend C S Lewis

IF I may be permitted to add to Dr Noble-Mathews’ comments of last week on Barkes at Large on homosexual marriage, we have to acknowledge that evolution, or as some might contend design, has resulted in a very complex physical and emotional, (again some add spiritual), species, namely us human beings.

Our lives are governed by natural law.

Step outside nature’s guidelines and we head for physical or emotional disaster, maybe both!

If we remember that we have two great tendencies (that of survival and procreation), these motivations/ instincts are deep within us: the ‘id’, as some might say, or the ‘soul’ as others would have it.

The sexual desire is driven by procreation (sweetened by emotion!) and is holistically satisfied by birth, hence the ‘jigsaw’ of man and woman; complementary physically and emotionally, and an apt setting for the rearing of children.

Hence the traditional Christian teaching/background to the state of marriage.

I would recommend C S Lewis’ The Four Loves to Barkes at Large which would give him an understanding, if that is indeed what he really wants, to the Christian understanding of relationships.

Have no fear Barkes at Large, Lewis had been an atheist but realised how Christianity and natural law go hand in hand in the jigsaw of life!

John Hutchings,

New Park Road, Chichester