If only more people

I should like to thank Mrs Percy for taking the trouble to visit www.patria-uk.org, the website of the new patriotic party, Patria and for sharing her views on our manifesto with your readers (Observer, February 9).

If only more people, like Mrs Percy, took an interest in politics, then our country would be better governed than it is.

While her remarks about so-called asylum seekers are at best naive, she deserves some credit, at least, for taking an interest in the issue.

The United Nations 1951 Convention on Refugees, to which Britain is a signatory, stipulates that individuals genuinely seeking asylum should do so in the first safe country they reach.

Those who fail to do this are not genuine asylum seekers at all, but rather would-be economic migrants.

The countries neighbouring Britain are not known for persecuting political dissidents or members of ethnic or religious minorities.

It follows that ‘asylum seekers’ who arrive in Britain from the Third World are not genuine, because they have traversed (or overflown) numerous other safe countries on their journey to the one country in the world that is known as a particularly ‘soft touch’ for a hard-luck story, provided it is told by a foreigner.

As for the Human Rights Act, 1998: the outrageous injustices to which it gives rise are well known and Patria is quite right to pledge its repeal.

Mrs Percy should “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s...” Mark 12:17.

Dr A Emerson