Impressed by all who helped me

MY STORY starts at midday on Saturday, when I noticed a pain in my back.

I took some paracetamol and sat down to rest. By 4pm the pain was building up and by 6pm the pain was so unbearable I dialled 999.

The gentleman asked me certain questions and said he would call in a paramedic.

While I was waiting for the paramedic I phoned my daughter to inform her of what was happening.

Within five minutes my neighbours came in as my daughter phoned them and they have a key and the paramedics arrived.

The paramedics asked me questions and examined me and within another five minutes I was in an ambulance on the way to A&E at St Richard’s.

I was booked in very quickly by two very efficient nurses who could easily see I was struggling with my pain. A young doctor examined me and diagnosed what was wrong with me.

I was given a drink of morphine which tasted like sugar water and I was soon free of pain. What a relief.

I was put into bed in the Chilgrove Ward, and this was an amazing experience as I was not treated as a patient but as a guest. I was a guest for four days and nights, the nurses young and not so young, but all very experienced, all with a smile, and all giving encouragement and kindness.

Guests using the attention buzzer were dealt with promptly and again a few more kind words and encouragement.

The food was good, well cooked and again presented to you with a smile.

It really was a joy to see these very young ladies at the start of their professional career in nursing and let us hope they stay in their profession. The whole attitude of help, kindness, encouragement and a smile carried on from the Chilgrove Ward to the porters taking me and others from wards to theatre.

A huge thank-you to the staff at St Richard’s, well done, you set the standards for others to follow.

Frank Hellyer

East Broyle Estate,