Improvements vital

I read with interest the reports relating to further development in the Chichester area.

I note land south of the A27 again features heavily and I also note the plans for the development of the Shopwyke quarry site.

I failed to detect any mention of improvement to highway infrastructure to service these developments.

I have written to the Observer in the past of the state of the B2145 and its inability to deal with the current levels of traffic.

The problems of congestion on the A27 (how long has this been going on?) will be well-known to all readers, made worse in the recent rain when the dual carriageway was reduced to single lane as the drainage problem again caused flooding.

On the same day, Whyke Road, Bognor Road and, I suspect, many others were suffering from poor drainage.

Other areas of the city are suffering as traffic looks to cut through and avoid these problems

Our MP has come out and supported lower speed limits to help cycle safety, but maybe he should be looking at the associated issues that cause the amount of traffic cutting through the city at speed to make up time.

I wrote to him twice in November last year and am still awaiting a reply as to why the improvements cannot be done on financial grounds, but we can afford to bail out foreign banks.

Perhaps our district councillors need to pause and explain to the people they represent what they are going to do about the infrastructure that is creaking at present, and tell us what they are telling the county and central government.

And Mr Tyrie should lobby for the improvements needed or protect the area from development until the infrastructure is properly funded, even if that does not go down well with the party.

The impression currently given is there is little representation of the local populace, just imposition.

Chris Barratt,

Foxbridge Drive, Hunston