In need of some colour

I cannot believe the council deems it so necessary to object to the colour scheme chosen for a shop sign and now a blue house in the Hornet.

The council should be making every effort to support local businesses and not incurring a financial cost to him by making him repaint his sign.

Purple is a royal colour after all!

I have noticed that ‘battleship grey’ colour cropping up more and more in Chichester, making everything look miserable and drab, from new house builds in Rumboldswhyke Close (still not sold) and Pound Farm Road, to shop signs.

I know the council are trying to re-create Georgian Chichester, but it doesn’t work, it just makes everything look depressing and ugly.

The blue house in the Hornet is indeed a great improvement on the eyesore that stood there before, there are many blue houses in Chichester, what are the council on about?

There are blue houses only a couple of hundred metres further down the road!

It’s a shame the council didn’t take so much concern when Hyde-Martlet inflicted their self-appointed mural at the end of Winden Avenue, of which the residents have had the misfortune to look upon every day for the past two years.

Mrs Walters