In praise of our canal

THE litter along the edges of the twittens, on the railway footbridges, and tangled in the shrubs and grass of the A27 footpath is a very depressing sight. It was therefore a great joy to read on page 18 of ‘Initiatives’, just received, how many awards have been made to various departments in Chichester’s community life: several golds and silvers to the parks and gardens, prizes for individual residents, businesses and public buildings – but above all, the public acknowledgement and therefore thanks to all these people who have worked really hard to make Chichester beautiful.

My husband and I often take tea at the Canal Basin café. We love to look on to the water, to us one of Chichester’s great attractions; we even admire the houses/flats that look on to the basin, and think how pleasant it must be to live there. The residents of the new ones being built on the old Osborne site will however have not quite such an attractive view, as they will look

on to the Sorting Office, hardly a thing of beauty.

I have therefore two wishes: one is that building could be improved – even just cleaning it up would be something! And the other is that the Canal Trust could find a way to have more weather-sheltered space for their customers, so that more people would come in the winter. The trust (who else would have put up a memorial stone to a little goose?), the café and the people who work there are a splendid lot and deserve good support.

Marion Somerville,

Whyke Road,