Is an accident needed?

IT IS reassuring to know the residents of Orchard Street can now sleep soundly at night due to the recent overnight resurfacing of the road, particularly when there are more obvious deserving cases, as in and around Selsey: motorists have to tolerate a daily assault on their cars, due to potholes, bumps and general poor maintenance.

Perhaps the residents of Orchard Street could let us in on their ability to get WSCC to spend some money south of Chichester for a change, as all we get is a few spray marks on the road indicating lumps and bumps, and then a big fat NOTHING.

Bearing in mind that bus and school routes are particularly bad, are they waiting for accident victims before running around like headless chickens looking for who is to blame?

I assume WSCC are aware we too pay rates and taxes and expect better from our elected representatives, even in these hard economic times.

Dennis Plumb

Coxes Road, Selsey