Is Romanace really that hard to find?

Having bought a Valentine’s message space in your paper, when Valentine’s Day came I bought your paper and told my wife there was a Valentine’s message to be found within.

After a good 20 minutes she was not only unable to find the Valentine message but any indication where the messages were to be found.

Finally, surprise, surprise, we found the Valentine messages in the most unlikely of places: in the Births, Deaths,and Marriages, and tucked in a small corner of the page.

As the paper was sold on Valentine’s Day, was it not beyond the power of imagination to have the Valentine messages on the front cover of the paper, due to the actual number of messages (is romance dead in Bognor Regis?) which could have been fitted into a small heart.

Perhaps next year a little thought could be put in the placing of the Valentine messages, thus showing that our local paper treated Valentine’s Day messages with the same feeling as those who sent in the messages.

Jim Frame


The Valentine’s Day messages were run in the personal announcements section of the February 14 edition of the Observer, alongside birthdays and anniversaries, as they fell under that category.

We will certainly bear your views in mind for next year.