It is votes that count in the end

Congratulations on winning the intellectual argument with your ‘Don’t cut us out campaign’.

When WSCC, or any public body, resorts to ‘A detailed rebuttal... would be time-consuming and not a good use of scarce council resources’, you know you have won – after all, justifying their position is their primary objective, and when they decline you know that they can’t.

Sadly, the real argument is not (yet) won.

Regardless of the scandals and the newspaper headlines, the only currency these people understand is votes – and as long as a majority continue to vote for these discredited councillors, largely out of habit, they will continue to behave like this because they think they will be re-elected however they behave.

In the end, only the voters can bring this arrogance to an end, but your publicity can certainly help.

Andrew Moncreiff

Cherrylands Close, Fernhurst