It’s ‘locals’ who suffer

I READ with interest the comments by Cllr Fred Robertson on the East Beach car park.

I have just looked into the car park, it is empty but the side roads are full.

Two sets of visitors complaining of the system left vowing not to return to Selsey– not only because of the car park but the closure of the toilets opposite.

The High Street is deserted, Budgens’ car park is full to the brim.

The sign outside the car park states free parking and unless you go to the machine nothing states you have to put your index number in for your free two hours.

Selsey just loves to support its visitors and shopkeepers.

As I drove away two males were going to the rear of East Street toilets, looking for another entrance?

I do not think so.

So far the only people that suffer seem to be the locals who have nowhere else to park and are forced to pay £120 a year on top of their local tax.

Steve Hart,

Chichester Road,