Jam at Waitrose

YOU would think that in Chichester, where Network Rail lay siege to the city with their level crossings half the working day, and where traffic struggling to get out of town joins gridlock on the bypass more often than not, those institutions within the city would do their bit not to impede movement on the roads.

Not so Waitrose, who once the morning rush is over, like nothing better than to produce their own sponsored traffic jam on Via Ravenna.

Down goes their barrier to car-borne customers who quickly back up the approach to and beyond the leisure centre roundabout.

Waitrose might say they need to do this to stop parking abuse, but there’s rarely anyone checking tickets on the way out in any case.

With the impending chaos of Christmas traffic, could Waitrose’s management please bear in mind their wider responsibilities to the community?

Steve Haynes,

Goodwood Gardens, Runcton