Just a thought

This winter, I have noticed an increase in cyclists without lights on the roads.

Tonight, for instance, I passed a cyclist, not only without lights, but carrying an open tray of chips!

Mindless and irresponsible, wouldn’t you say?

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for pedal power, having spent my early life and into my late teens on two wheels.

But can they not see that being almost invisible is dangerous, not only to themselves, but also to other road-users. Perhaps all drivers on overtaking these offenders should wind down their passenger windows (electric only) and yell ‘LIGHTS!’ as they pass by.

I have!

While on the subject of cyclists, may I please ask why it is necessary to ride on the pavements with no regard for pedestrians?

Please cyclists, if you feel that you have to use pavements (because the cycle lanes in Chichester are lacking and inadequate), do be aware of those on foot and perhaps a little less mobile than yourselves.

Just a thought...

Lorna Paine


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