Just an idea...

As a regular reader of the Observer (on subscription – what a great idea!) I’d like to comment on Little London Walk.

I don’t often visit there now – I used to for the post office and The Clean Machine, but they are long since gone.

However, with so few shops in there, an idea has come to me.

We (my husband and I) have travelled quite a bit in Canada and the US and there are shopping malls everywhere.

We have visited a few that have a dedicated eating area – stalls of small outlets cooking their own food with a central seating area.

This is a great idea because you can ‘mix and match’.

Two of the best places were, I believe, Kingston or Belleville in Ontario, Canada.

There was a stall selling wraps and cooking on a wok.

You chose the ingredients that you wanted and it was brilliant.

In Toronto there was a mall with more of a ‘supermarket’ approach: you took your tray around and selected from different chefs, then moved to the dessert counter, drinks etc, and paid at a central checkout.

Again – brilliant.

This also gives all the different cultures (including KFC, McDonalds and all those small Canadian/US companies) a small space to try it all out.

This would complement Chives and Crispins and the fresh food market outside at the back.

It would also give the Thai, Indian, Chinese, French and so on the chance to advertise their food more on a smaller basis. Just an idea...

Helen Bailey

Arundel Road