Justify precept hike

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I READ with interest the police public relations feature.

Last winter/spring in the Camelsdale/Hammer/Linchmere area we had a series of burglaries, thefts and vandalism. To my knowledge little was solved or done. In my case, the PCSO could not be bothered to return my telephone call.

It was noticeable that the quoted initiatives were south of the Downs – are we too far away from the mothership of Kingsham Road?

Except for this year, the Sussex Police precept increase component of the council tax has been the greatest:

2010/11: 2.7 per cent

2009/10: 4.7 per cent

2009/08: 4.9 per cent

2008/07: 6 per cent

2007/06: 5 per cent

2006/05 4.9 per cent

2005/04: 7.6 per cent

2004/03: 39.9 per cent

2003/02: 18.1 per cent

What has Sussex Police done with our money? Pension scheme, officer suspension costs or squandered it?

Chris Pooley,

Camelsdale Road, Haslemere