Keep Crane St free

WHAT on earth do the council plan to ruin next?

We have already had our dear Butter Market taken down and rebuilt into a modern arcade which nobody likes.

People loved the old Butter Market and all the shopkeepers who were always there to serve us. Fish, sausages, WI, pet shop, fruit shop, bakers and a very popular sandwich bar. All of this has gone.

The people who agree to these changes do not even use them so they have no idea how much the people of Chichester miss these shops.

Please don’t start pulling Crane Street to pieces, it is fine the way it is. Trees in the middle? That’s a laugh, when there are coachloads of people coming through! It’s hard enough work getting through now.

My son, who is registered blind, finds it the most difficult street in the city and he has had lots of crashes with shop boards, even though he has a guide dog.

He said the city is like an obstacle course.

Down North Street there are chairs and tables everywhere.

He suggests the councillors who allow all of this should walk around blindfolded and see what it is like.

Where is the money for changing Crane Street coming from when we couldn’t even afford Christmas lights?

Leave Crane Street as it is, no trees and no revamp. Save some money for more important issues, leave Chichester alone.

Audrey Voller,

Newlands Lane,