Keep gap green

CHICHESTER, a city gateway to the South Downs, gives inspiring views from the gentle hills, and offers quietly verdant glimpses, even from the urban streets.

To travel from the rush and roar of the A 27 around the ring road, to leave northwards, is a tree-lined experience, opening to the green fields, before the sudden vista of sweeping downs and Trundle from the middle of Lavant village.

The distinct, small yet well-formed character of this village, is a vital part of the South Downs National Park. Any proposal to enlarge the village on any side would dilute this character by drowning.

Coming in to Chichester from the village, the fields remind the traveller of the city’s essential country setting. The Avenue approach gradually modifies the impression, until the final green slope of Oaklands Park and dramatic entrance beside the Festival Theatre.

Over-development, particularly of green spaces, in this area, would be irreversible. Far better to encourage seasonal change in the natural environment.

David and Janet Tregear

Henty Gardens,