Keep it green, CDC

WE HAVE just received a letter from Chichester District Council (CDC) stating they will no longer collect recyclables put out in plastic bags. They recommend that waste should be put in ‘a reusable plastic storage box with a lid that can be purchased’ (by us not by them) ‘relatively cheaply’.

This is yet another example of the decreasing levels of service CDC (and West Sussex County Council) have imposed on the people of the Borough in recent years.

It follows on from:

- the removal of the large recycling bins (a perfectly good solution for the collection of recyclable material) from car parks (eg the Market) in the borough

- the increase in the car parking charges

- the reductions in Sunday bus services

- the removal of many public toilets.

All these measures have had negative impacts on the residents of the borough. Rather than constantly reducing services, it is time CDC concentrated on other ways to control their costs which would maintain a good quality of life for their citizens even at the cost of some inconvenience to themselves – seemingly the reverse of the current situation.

John Davies