KELLY BROWN: I’m waiting for the day my little ones teach me a thing or two ...

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

WATCHING my little girl holding a remote control and point it at the telly makes me chuckle.

But watching her try to swish the screen across on my mobile phone really freaks me out.

I know she is simply copying what she sees mummy, daddy, random strangers, do on a daily basis, but how quickly little ones grasp modern technology really throws me.

To her, doing one is no different than the other so it must be my hang-up.

Deep down I’m probably harbouring fears my children will be able to work my phone/television/Star Trek-style transporter far better than me in just a few years’ time.

Technology just doesn’t faze them because it is just such a part of their everyday lives. My little man may only be three but he knows how to put a DVD on, pause the telly, and take a picture with my camera already.

And his baby sister is not that far behind. She has cottoned on that mummy puts colourful images on the TV by pointing an object covered in squishy buttons at the screen.

How hard can that be?

And this week she has also started turning my DVD player on.

But, as I said, it is the ease my kids have with the more modern technology which is freaking me out. Every time I take a picture of either monkey, my son has to have an instant look. (I remember that excitement when my parents used to take Polaroids – just without the option is deleting it!)

And he swishes away at my camera to look at the next shot, and the one after, and if my daughter is on my lap, she is doing exactly the same thing.

I keep seeing those adverts for those interactive TVs using technology – the ones which only seemed to exist for the Iron Man – and I keep worrying my children will grasp the concept far quicker than I will when it becomes mainstream. I’m sure instead of being the one teaching them, they will suddenly be teaching me in a patronising ‘come on mum, it is not THAT difficult’ voice.

I just assumed when that happened, I’d be 101 years old. Now it looks like I could be in my 30 or 40s!

Step into mischief

AND she’s off. My little girl has taken her first proper few steps all on her own.

I’m really proud, but also preparing myself for even more mischief she can get up to by herself, and with her big brother.

And it prompted the first of many expensive trips to the shoe shop at the weekend, where it emerged my son also needed new shoes.

More expense, but they are both cute.

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