Kids were crammed into park for torch

IT IS with disappointed that I write this letter. What should have been a once-in-a-lifetime event for the city’s primary school children was spoiled by the lack of thought that had been put into the organisation in Oaklands Park.

The park is huge and yet each school was squashed into spaces about 12ft wide, so children were 20 or more deep in some places and could not see anything.

Why wasn’t the whole park used so that all the children stood a chance of seeing the torch? As it was, virtually none saw the procession of floats (they didn’t even enter the park but drove in front of the festival theatre) or the dancers, and most still couldn’t see the flame when it was briefly held up on the stage of the Theatre on the Fly, because adults had been placed in an inner cordon in front of them.

What a shame that so little thought seemed to have gone in to such a momentous occasion.

Fiona Horn

Graydon Avenue,