Leave Peston alone!

WHY does your resident guru Keith Newbery still wax strongly about things he knows little about?

TV financial expert Robert Peston, mentioned in his column this week, ‘... has been ordered to tone down his weird vocal gymnastics’.

In fact, Robert talks like that because he had a fearsome stammer that could only be overcome by learning to accent over several months the way he talked to cure it, a courageous and determined man.

That Keith seems to know nothing about that, and hammers the man for how he tries to overcome his disability, is cruel and ignorant.

Could you not persuade him to concentrate on comments about things local, though I’d query if he has the nous to do even that. Better still, pension him off, please, he’s past his sell-by date and it really is about time he went.

Tony Spillard,

Palmers Field Avenue,