Lest we forget

I AM writing in support of the Lest We Forget campaign to protect and defend Britain’s war memorials.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund rules need to be altered to allow smaller projects of £3,000 or less to be granted funding as under the present rules so many smaller schemes miss out.

Convoluted planning rules need to be revised so that more memorials can be given listed status; proper licensing of scrap metal dealers and sellers of scrap metal to be obliged to provide proper identification; more prosecutions rather than mere cautions for those who desecrate memorials.

So far 22 MPs have signed an early day motion in support of these proposals, with 100 or more signatures there is a real possibility of a parliamentary debate.

I would urge readers to write to their own MP at the House of Commons and Lord Henley, crime prevention minister, in support of these proposals.

Richard Kidd

Danegold Close, Andover