Let the people lead

CONGRATULATIONS on the front page (Observer, September 8).

My support comes from a belief that if change is to come for Chichester it has to be led by the people; individuals and organisations, that care passionately for the environment and space in which we live and work, and not the local council.

What has become abundantly clear over the years, and is now being reinforced, is there is a singular lack of creative vision that could make Chichester and the surrounding area the absolute crown jewel in the south east, a worldwide destination city.

The two leading articles show that if change is to come on a grand and small scale, the local people and organisations are going to have to come together and make their views known to the city council.

We simply cannot rely on the district council to be the lead.

Change is coming with the Localism Bill and the people will have the chance to drive the change required forward.

There have been many initiatives that have come and gone, but now is the time for all people and organisations that care for the future to come together and initiate ideas that can take us forward for the next 100 years, not just ten or 15.

This is not just paying lip service to the consultation process on housing, but to look at the needs and wants for the area as a whole and develop a flexible plan with blue-sky thinking.

We need joined-up thinking, a holistic approach that does not look at issues such as housing in isolation.

In order that the process does not descend into a piecemeal and chaotic process, I believe there needs to be an independent forum for Chichester which can be a meeting and rallying point for anyone to make their ideas and views known to all who may be interested.

I could go on, but I would welcome the comments and participation of anybody who may be interested in making the change required for Chichester happen.

Bob Mousley,

Five Acres, Funtington