LETTER: A positive view on tourism in the city

IN response to recent letters and articles regarding the representation of tourism in Chichester, we feel we have to respond and give some positive views.

Andrew Clegg, chairman of Visit Chichester, stated that: “Since CDC removed virtually all their investment in tourism, a small group of members have endeavoured, on a largely volunteer basis, to support tourism with a small budget.

“Without this engagement, there would have been no representation for tourism at all.” In fact, for 15 years our website, ChichesterWeb, has been promoting Chichester as a holiday destination attracting visitors from both home and overseas, and has played a major part in the everyday life of the community.

It is full of information about Chichester with hundreds of large pictures showing just how attractive this city really is – 1,000 pages in all!

For tourists we publicise holiday accommodation in our ‘Where to Stay’ section and provide links to information on hotels, B&Bs, and self catering choices. Our What’s On section lists a huge number of things to do, and is updated every day.

No wonder we have always been at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo search for almost anything to do with Chichester.

We understand from Andrew Clegg’s letter that £70,000 is not enough to operate Visit Chichester, and that

“… CDC’s tourism budget was in excess of £250,000.“

ChichesterWeb operates without any funding from the Chichester district and city councils or others.

Over the years we have been quietly getting on with the job of successfully promoting Chichester, and will continue to do so.

Ian and Jennifer Burt


Salthill Lane