LETTER: A27 – it’s all talk

HERE we go again, that old talking point the A27/M27 and that’s all it is, talk.

Since the plans for the M27 NOT A27 from Folkestone to Honiton first came to light in the late Sixties, the only part to be built in that time is Havant to the New Forest and some pathetic attempt to build a so-called motorway around Brighton.

The cost to the taxpayer now runs into billions for the amount of times property and land has been compulsory purchased along this route,

only to be bought sold up to three times.

Then there are the many public enquires, surveys , census all costs just written off.

Any idiot with a little commonsense looking at a map of England’s motorways and main A routes can see why the M27 should be built across the widest part of the country, connecting all the major ports, military and navel installations, any Roman Centurion would have told the so-called experts that.

Most of this motorway could be built by private enterprise, as a toll road collecting its tolls by direct debit vehicle recognition system as used in France, saving on land space collecting tolls.

So why has this project first proposed 50 years ago not come to fruition, no money, lily-livered politicians, tree huggers, toad kissers, nimbys, and the general build nothing do nothing bury your head in sand brigade, leaving future generations, who will in all probability be driving vehicles propelled by hydrogen and electric, to foot the bill for a decent motorway across southern England.

So let’s build the M27 now according to original plan Folkestone to Honiton without any delaying tactics by anyone.

Chris Pearson

Melrose Avenue,