LETTER: A27 solutions

FOLLOWING reports in the local press about the progress of the consultations over the A27 ‘improvements’ at Chichester, Arundel and Worthing, the Green Party have some different solutions to the problem of peak hour traffic congestion.

We are dismayed at the idea that the government is spending £600million on the A27 in these three areas alone – this vast amount of money could be used in wiser ways than building bypasses. The Greens are convinced that in the case of Arundel and Chichester the loss of irreplaceable countryside for new roads is too high a price to pay for a short-term solution which is aimed at enabling long-distance traffic to hurtle past our communities.

Sadly, it is proven that as soon as you build a new road you encourage more traffic and so the congestion soon builds once more. We believe this last-century idea should be replaced by new ways to reduce peak time traffic.

Spending some of the budget on protected cycle ways and additional, reliable public transport that is affordable for all would offer an alternative to driving at rush hour for locals.

The Green Party plays a vital role in highlighting the importance of environmental concerns when the government has jumped on and off the green bandwagon as it suits them.

Currently backpeddling on their own manifesto commitments to renewable energy, and rushing to promote fracking across Britain, they seem to have forgotten the important Climate Change Conference in Paris in November. Here they will be held to account on targets for our part in keeping global climate temperature rise to a manageable level. An important part of keeping to these targets could be met by seriously tackling our reliance on fossil fuels before it is too late.

By pressing on with these plans, so costly to both the budget and the earth, the government, strongly supported by our local MPs and councils, shows it is unconcerned about the citizens of the future and their quality of life. We will continue to oppose these plans, along with many other concerned local groups and residents.

Sarah Sharp

Councillor for Chichester South

Whyke Lane, Chichester

Isabel Thurston, former Parliamentary Candidate for Arundel and the South Downs

Church Lane, Barnham