LETTER: A27 travesty

I ATTENDED the South Chichester County Local Committee meeting held on the January 5, at which Pieter Montyn stated that he had ceased campaigning for a northern bypass around Chichester as soon as he had become a councillor some 10 years previously.

As a result I was amazed and incensed to read in your pages last week that he had been campaigning for a northern route just a matter of days before that meeting.

His response to your reporter that he ‘has not sought to organise public support’ after you report that his email states, ‘We need to get together in the new year with willing individuals of whatever kind (PC members or not) and begin work on a better informed pro campaign’ just compounds the lie which he told at the January 5 meeting.

How can such a man remain in public office following these admissions let alone remain in place as Louise Goldsmith’s special adviser regarding the A27? He should be required to resign with immediate effect.

The whole matter of the A27 improvements has been shrouded in secrecy and subterfuge from the word go – it is hard to believe that there is still no news on the detail and dates for the public consultation - and to have a man of such low moral values involved in any way representing West Sussex County Council on a project which is so important to the future of Chichester is a travesty.

Martin Ebert

West Lavant