LETTER: Aircraft noise is irritating

Like D.F. Owgan from Lavant in last week’s (January 26) Observer, we too in Yapton and the surrounding area suffer from noisy planes conducting rather dangerous maneouvres over residential property.

The noise is extremely irritating and the maneouvres are an accident waiting to happen.

This has been going on for a few years now but this last year has seen a significant increase in such flying which is now almost a daily ritual. We do not even get a break in the winter.

On any nice sunny day the peace is shattered by these aircraft, which can even be heard within a house fitted with double glazing.

Fitting silencers to the noisier aircraft would be welcomed by those who have to suffer this unnecessary noise.

If these were road vehicles they would be impounded so why should they be allowed in the air where the noise carries far greater distances. I would ask them to consider making their presence more acceptable to the local community by silencing their noisier aircraft at little cost in terms of performance and conducting their aerobatics away from residential areas such as above the English Channel.

The Civil Aviation Authority also have a role to play by ensuring inconsiderate and dangerous flying is not tolerated under any circumstance.

Perhaps the people responsible for these flights would like to comment through your columns.

A.S.E. Faulkner

The Poplars