LETTER: All options are not a good idea

I’m amazed at the suggested options for the A27, which will impact the whole of the area, not least Chichester, Selsey and the Manhood area as a whole.

Speaking to one of the designers of these options at a meeting last year, he was explaining how the changes will hardly impact us at all, proven by their research.

I asked him where he lived. He asked why I wanted to know and I replied that I needed to know what impact it might have on him personally. His response was that he lived in Southampton but he knew the problems because he comes to this area now and again...

Apart from the obvious detrimental impact to our area south of the Wyke roundabout and traffic heading west, which will no doubt be heavily increased if we cannot turn right/east at that roundabout, I wonder what impact this will all have on Chichester residents trying to exit south onto the A27? When drivers cannot leave Chichester at the Fishbourne and Stockbridge roundabouts because of the backlog of drivers looping west from the Wyke roundabout and then back around east to the Bognor Road roundabout and beyond, resulting in traffic backlogs up into Chichester’s inner ring roads, maybe the decision makers will work out that this was not a good idea.

Ali​son​ Archer

​​Elm Grove