LETTER: Aware of energy issues

CAROLINE Flint, shadow minister for energy and climate change, has responded to our branch report on Energy Policy and the Implications of Fracking within South Downs/Sussex Weald.

This was based on the various community concerns regarding the proposed exploratory gas/oil well near Fernhurst.

Caroline Flint has identified the need for a diverse mix of generating technologies, that was not over-reliant on fracking.

She also supported the need for transparency and assessment of impact over the chemicals used in fracking, along with seismic monitoring of the area prior to drilling.

This would form part of the impact assessment required, including water use on the local community.

An assessment should also be done for groundwater methane levels prior to fracking.

Lastly, Caroline Flint said there should be at least a full year’s monitoring of all these factors before drilling can proceed.

With regards to fracking, the Labour party has set six conditions for shale gas exploration and production that cover the concerns that have been raised.

This branch continues to ensure the Labour Party is aware of the issues felt in local communities across Midhurst and District.

John Smith


Midhurst and District Branch Labour Party