LETTER: Back hospital campaign

DEAR Andrew Tyrie, I am writing to appeal for your help in an early intervention in the decision by Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group to transfer the contract for all orthopaedic services at St Richards to BUPA CHS Ltd.

As you know, the contract is yet to be signed. This, as you are also aware, was a decision taken by only seven of the 21 members.

The removal of orthopaedic services will leave the trauma services severely underfunded which may well result in the closure of A&E Services at St Richards.

We look to you to call in West Sussex CCG and to seek a contract binding to all concerned so that this essential but at present vulnerable facility at St Richard’s is protected.

You worked so hard for St Richard’s during the Fit For The Future campaign so please, you know how important the convenience and availability of A&E at St Richard’s is to your electorate, many of whom are elderly and live in rural and isolated areas of your constituency.

Remember also that there will be a vast increase in population because of the upsurge of housing numbers to suit the emerging Chichester district local plan, which will undoubtedly put more pressure and importance on retaining this vital service.

I look forward to receiving your constructive and encouraging response.

Mike Hall

Crouch Cross Lane