LETTER: Blow it up!

I WAS born in 1945 in Church Norton and spent my childhood playing and swimming in the harbour from a very early age, when the harbour used to go out on the Norton side where the concrete slabs are to this day.

I remember when the harbour was relocated over on the Pagham side when the beach was closed to the public and they used explosives to achieve the new entrance.

The new entrance has remained much the same for the past 40 odd years.

I remember the big earth movers that were used in the autumn, they were parked by Norton Church and were 
used at low tide in the harbour entrance if needed.

This meant the tide would come from Selsey, flood in the harbour, on the ebb would come out of the harbour and flow back towards Selsey and Pagham beach would get hardly any tidal flow.

The Pagham Spit has now built up and forced the tide along Pagham beach, washing it away.

My view, and this is my view only, is that the removal of the earth movers is part of the problem and also over the years the millions of tons of shingle that was dumped at West Sands Selsey which has washed away, probably round the bill and building up on the winkle beds and on the Pagham Spit.

Let’s stop worrying about wading birds and rare snails and concentrate on people’s homes and livelihoods.

One suggestion has been to block off the harbour completely, but all flood water from rifes and the Chichester flood relief have to run back to the sea, therefore making this not a viable option.

Anyone with half a brain can see there is only one foolproof option – blow up the spit and return the mouth of the harbour back to where it once was.

I rest my case.

Mr JW Ayling

Newfield Road