LETTER: Bypass situation is a worrying mess

IMPROVEMENTS to Chichester by-pass: I am hearing a lot of views concerning a northern route as a bypass to the A27 around Chichester.

This route breaks away from the A27 at Fishbourne, continues up Salthill Road, along Hunters Race, across the Chichester-Midhurst Road to the corner of Fordwater Road, along the Lavant Straight and joining the A27 at the Tangmere roundabout.

From a practical point of view it does not relieve any traffic congestion coming from the Manhood peninsula, or help with east or west traffic.

It merely upsets another village, Lavant.

Compensation for this route could be enormous if you consider the effect on all the Goodwood interests, Rolls Royce, the National Park, not to mention Sennicots and other residents in and around Lavant.

As has been made well known the majority of views consider that fly-overs for the Bognor and Stockbridge roundabouts would solve most problems and allow traffic to run east and west, and north and south, without so much interference.

Furthermore a fly-over for the Tesco roundabout with slip roads would also help with the flow towards the M27.

In the longer term this would be a much more worthwhile project, longer lasting and less compensation or bad feeling from individuals.

I understand that there is a requirement to develop Chichester to become much more of an important city along the South Coast.

Altering the A27 as I have suggested could well help.

I would also like to put another view, that all the council offices ( except East Pallant House) should be moved outside the city, possibly to Tangmere.

Thus allowing a spacious development of residences and a good shoping mall in its place.

It would allow more parking in the city for both visitors and locals, so increasing the attraction of Chichester.

Fiona Lunch

East Ashling