LETTER: Car park vital for shoppers

I cannot believe the council is considering closing the Little London car park. It is essential for all of us that do our food shopping in M&S.

And since there are many people who do so it is not surprising that at times there is a queue for the car park but the queue is in the Little London Road not East Street and rarely seen by anyone. If the queue does overflow on to East Street surely it can be handled in the same way as the illegal and over stay parking.

The loss of the car park will inevitably lead to people shopping at other M&S stores and therefore not coming into Chichester. This is bound to affect the sales in all Chichester stores, including the farmers’ market.

I urge the Chichester Observer to survey their readers so that the council will realise as early as possible that this is not a way to regenerate the city but a way to destroy it.

Sheela Curtis

Castle Avenue