LETTER: Climate change ‘scam’

MANY independent scientists have concluded that the global warming scam is based on a flawed computer model, thus your correspondent Len Eyles (Observer August 27) can stop worrying.

NASA reported last year that the ice coverage of both the North and South Poles is the same today as it was in 1979. The Globe and Mail of Toronto reported that February 2015 was the coldest on record.

The myth of man-made climate change has lead to the construction of grossly inefficient wind turbines that blight the countryside, and seascapes, resulting in the loss of employment in electricity dependent industries. For example:

The Tata Steel Company, based in Wales, is mothballing its plant in Llanwern, signalling the loss of 250 jobs. A year ago the steel giant closed its site in Port Talbot, costing 400 jobs.

Last month Tata closed two sites in Yorkshire blaming ‘crippling high electricity costs’. The production of iron has been moved overseas where the myth of man-made climate change is ignored.

Centrica, and other energy companies, have told the government that, if Britain is to spend £100billion on building thousands of wind turbines, it will require the building of 17 new gas-fired power stations simply to provide back-up for all those times when the wind drops.

France, where 80 per cent of electricity is produced by nuclear power, has the lowest priced electricity in Europe. Denmark, which has the greatest number of turbines per capita, has the most expensive power in Europe. The Danes have reported that wind turbines have yielded no reduction in the emission of “greenhouse gasses”.

Complying with Ed Milliband’s 2008 climate change legislation is set to cost the UK £18.3billion per annum for the next forty years. Furthermore, for every ‘green’ job created 2.2 are destroyed. Source: Verso economics

The only political party that has got the measure of the climate change scam is the UK Independence Party!

However, to his credit Chichester’s MP, Andrew Tyrie, was one of only a handful of MPs who did not support the climate change legislation.

Derek Hunnikin

St Leodegar’s Way,