LETTER: Community ‘memorial’ is an insult to all

SEVENTY-one years ago on May 11, an American Liberator aircraft crashed near the Chichester Amphitheatre, causing devastation and death.

A memorial could now be placed adjacent to the site of the laundry where the tragedy happened.

Students from the High School for Girls who as part of their citizenship programme remember the girl who lost her life (May Grainger, aged 14 years, a student of the school) might possibly design the memorial and include an explanation of what took place.

This would be a truly fitting and timely living tribute to sacrifices made all those years ago and which are part of our history.

Imagine my amazement when I read in last week’s Observer that the street name for the inappropriately-designed and ill-conceived new development at the end of Winden Avenue is Liberator Place! Also to be included are the names of those who sadly died.

The council planning committee, with no consultation of local residents, is insensitively shrouding the new homes with memories

of a crashed and burning aircraft, the death of three people and survivors living with the guilt and trauma for the rest of their lives.

To add insult, the 80 previous residents of The Heritage so dispassionately moved from their homes eight years ago against their wills, were definitely not liberated.

Would the local community rather have a memorial to those who lost their lives in a living grassy space or attached to a development deemed by many to be a Chichester planning catastrophe?

Chris North

Winden Avenue