LETTER: Contribute to beauty of land

My regular litter picking around where I live regrettably finds the usual amount of discarded soft drink tins, cigarette packs, paper tissues et al to properly dispose of, however last Saturday my attention was drawn to an A4 size piece of paper seemingly hidden within a hedgerow.

This seemingly discarded A4 piece of paper firmly attached to a small peg of wood embedded in the earth was a notice placed by BT Openreach outlining a proposal to install a new pole route along a section of Chidham Lane and for any representation to be made to their offices in Liverpool.

We therefore are faced as a community (unless I presume enough of us object) to BT Openreach installing a broadband pole at the expense of the visual amenity of our Chichester Harbour and within an AONB. Can BT Openreach please explain why they cannot propose to conduit the broadband cabling, why does it have to be proposed as a ‘pole route’.

Furthermore why does BT OpenReach, who are installing superfast broadband, not look to furnish an email to make life easier for people to make representations to the BT Pole Objection Team.

Please BT Openreach behave responsibly and look to conduit your cables – a more expensive option I have no doubt but you will contribute to the beauty of our land. Perhaps the team can also remedy that Chidham Lane is in West Sussex not Hampshire or is that for the BT Geographical Location Team.